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Your child deserves extra support to learn those most important skills. Engage them in learning through play with Checheza! The offline learning platform in an app.

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Our approach

Make educational content accessible to the children who need it, through engaging expert partners and a global community.

Open-source Education

Our open-source education platform, engages expert educational partners and our growing global community in building and sharing content.

Learning Application

The content on the platform is packaged into a mobile learning game and distributed to children with no or limited access to quality education.

Changemaker community

Collaboration with those who want to use their skills for social impact, and directly improve the lives of others. The community enables Checheza to scale and grow organically.


Three categories of partners contribute to Checheza, through different methods. Content partners contribute well-researched and tested content to our learning app. Local partners are our collaborators for ongoing testing of the product. Supporters contribute because they want to make a difference to global education through their business.

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Create & Share

We are always looking for more quality content to adapt for our users and include in the application. Do you have a learning solution that could help more kids? Or are you a researcher with an idea ready to be implemented?

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Testing & Implementation

We work together with organization locally in our target markets, to better understand the need, to test the application and to reach our users. Do you represent an organization working with kids that would benefit from our solution?.

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Support & invest

Our solution is built to be scalable, and our open source approach will allow us to be very cost effective. However, if it was easy to give all children access to education the problem would already have been solved. We work on a voluntary basis, but are looking for financing to take Checheza to the next level. Are you with us?

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We are a team of researchers, engineers and designers, unified by the passion to make a positive impact on the world, and we see the opportunity that technology brings to solve some of the worlds biggest problems. We believe there are three things which are essential for working in a value driven organisation. To feel a sense of meaning and purpose, to have freedom, and to constantly be challenged to be really good at the role you are passionate about. We strive towards keeping our organization flat and transparent.

Katarina Stensson


Viktoria Alexeeva

CTO & Data analyst

Clare Seruwagi

Country co-ordinator

Johanna Swartling


Elena Zakharian

Head of Marketing and Sales

Bridget Pivac

Game designer & visual artist


Thank you to our many valuable contributors

Andréas Forsbom

CTO (former) & Systems architect

Adeline Tushabe

Game developer

Tomáš Kytlica

Software developer & QA

Axel Batossi

Business intern

Johanna Glembo

Author & designer

Per Henriksson

Front end developer

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